Charming mountain chalet with pleasant atmosphere in Alta Badia

Traditional style meets luxurious interior. Uniquely sophisticated living comfort, thanks to the careful selection of high-quality natural materials.

The beauty that is Sotciastel can be rented as a chalet for a maximum of 11 people.

Interior and equipment of the chalet

An enormous hallway leads you past the checkroom and daytime WC into the living area. In the open kitchen, a delicious breakfast is prepared every morning. For guests who have rented the whole house, the kitchen is, of course, always accessible. The original old parlor across the street has been restored with great attention to detail to its original state. What makes the bedroom warm and inviting are the fluffy pillows and curtains made of linen fabric in combination with an antique credenza and a vintage wedding chest. At Sotciastel, a purely heavenly brew of tea is served along with breakfast, which you can always enjoy in this beautiful setting. In the small TV room next door, our guests can relax with their loved ones, drinking their hot cup of tie and watching TV while snuggling in the massive, cozy and comfortable sofa. Free Wi-Fi connection in the entire house. The veranda next to the kitchen is also a special place, which can be used as a small separate room for breakfast or for leisure activities and relaxing together. The view from here to the mountains and the valley below is magnificent in every season.

Exclusive materials and a cozy ambience

All five rooms have been refurbished using the same natural materials, which underline the unique traditional style of the house. For the fabrics, we have taken utmost care to use those that have been common in Sotciastel for generations. Loden and especially linen, was a material that was used in many different ways. The decorations, as well as the pictures in the house, are all from the old stock and were only restored or newly framed. The family room on the second floor could be preserved entirely with the original old wood of the room. The bathroom with a spacious shower separates the large bedroom from the single room.
The sitting area is representative of an old courtyard, and the veranda offers a stunning view of the valley to the south. Similarly, the two double rooms opposite are entirely covered with old wood, which makes them look inviting, while also revealing their excellence in quality. Two bright and spacious rooms are located on the top floor, impressing the guests with their spacious bathrooms and high ceilings. Since these walls were made in the historical era, sound insulations are not built in the walls around the halls. Well, it’s another new experience to hear your neighbor on the stairs in the evening, laughing and enjoying their stay at the "oldest residence in Alta Badia."
An enormous highlight is undoubtedly the sauna, which is found in the ancient substructure of the house. We have taken intricate care while preserving the sauna as much as possible, especially with the old stone walls and the centuries-old beams. The walls have been carefully repaired, and the lighting has been operated with the same care. It is a unique and special place to relax, to enjoy, and especially to switch off from the outside world.